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InSPiRe Lab Collaboration

The InSPiRe lab is actively involved in a number of industrial, academic, and government collaborations.


The lab is currently involved in two national-level coast-to-coast security research initiatives:

  • MITACS seed project: ''Gondwana: Towards Quantitative Security Metrics'' (with 9 others across 5 institutions) [Awarded]
  • NSERC Strategic Network Grant: ''Interconnected Systems Security Network (ISSNet)'' (with 15 others across 9 institutions) [under second stage review]


The lab is currently involved in two industry research collaborations:

  • Malware Classification Project [Active, MITACS Internship Awarded]
  • Developing an Enterprise-scale Distributed Systems Test Bed [Active, NSERC CRD Awarded]


The lab is currently involved in two government associated research collaborations:

  • a Malware Classification Project [Active]
  • a Peer-to-Peer Network Detection Project [Active]

2003 - 2012 Information Security and Privacy Research (InSPiRe) Laboratory, University of Victoria

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