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Information Security and Privacy Research (InSPiRE) Laboratory

Facility Overview

The InSpiRe lab is located within the research facilities of the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. Its focus is on addressing systems-level security/privacy and distributed systems issues within large-scale IT systems and networks.

To support this work a state of the art $500+k Cyber-security/privacy and distributed systems research test bed is being constructed.

This facility is designed to allow for the exact re-instantiation of the real-time network traffic environments existing within corporate-scale networks, under the rigorous scientific constraints of experimental control and repeatability. 

The facility's principal design is to support the capability of exactly mirroring in, and then automatically executing, cyber-security experiments on an on-demand basis, inclusive of:   

  • All system OSes.
  • All network switch configurations.
  • All background network traffic events (either through re-playing recorder traffic traces or through generating traffic which meets statistical models). 
  • All overlaid attack and normal traffic events.

In this way, the facility will support research into assessing the robustness and sensitivity of various existing and proposed security/distributed systems approaches under real-world conditions. This capability is being enabled  through the development of custom experiment control and management software.

Achieving this ability to exactly re-instantiate at-scale experiments is critical if the research results are to be real-world applicable.

2003 - 2012 Information Security and Privacy Research (InSPiRe) Laboratory, University of Victoria

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