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Information Security and Privacy (InSPiRe) Laboratory

Block Diagram

Dedicated $545k CAD Cyber-Security Research Facility:
  • Focused on the accurate simulation of real-world corporate-scale networks at full wire speeds.
  • Full support for the scientific tenet of experimental repeatability.
  • Capabile of generating abritrary background network traffic flows up to 1 Gbps bandwidths.
  • Ability to overlay specific attacks and normal services.
  • Dedicated facility allowing complete control over all network traffic and traffic timings.
  • 42 dual processor Xeon 3.0GHz blade servers each with 4 1 Gbps ethernet ports
  • 9 2.8 GHz IBM S-Series PCs each with 19" LCD and 2 1Gbps ethernet ports
  • 2 3.4 GHz 2G Mem IBM Z-series PCs each with a 19" LCD and 4 1Gbps ethernet ports
  • 2 3.4 GHz 2G Mem IBM Z-series PCs each with a 2x2 20.1" LCD quad display and 4 1Gbps ethernet ports
  • 2 3.0 GHz 2G Mem IBM x386 2U server each with 5x73.6 G Raid
  • CISCO 4503 Catalyst Switch with 4 Gbps single mode fiber uplink
  • Four 1 Gbps Cat5e networks to each host
  • 4 Gbps single mode fiber connection to UVic's research network

Block Diagram of Lab Structure

supported by major grants from:
Canadian Foundation for Innovation
BC Knowledge Development Fund
In-kind donation by IBM Canada Inc.

additional funding from:

University of Victoria

2003 - 2012 Information Security and Privacy Research (InSPiRe) Laboratory, University of Victoria

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